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Since our inception, H4Strategy has been focused on bringing a wealth of experience and an unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction to everything we do

The team relies on collaborative ventures, technical leadership and strategic management that broaden the option space beyond the precedent

Different together. At H4Strategy, we believe that to service everyone, you have to include everyone. Being a certified Minority Business Enterprise helps us foster an inclusive culture that resonates with our values

Founder and CEO
After pursuing an education in Computer and Communications Engineering, Mr. Hadi focused his career climbing the ladder in technology firms until reaching the executive level. Being an insightful visionary and a collaborative business leader in technology, he founded H4Strategy in 2014 and continues to serve as its chairman and CEO. What started as a consulting passion solving problems has now transformed into a global managed service provider supporting industry leaders in technology and telecommunications

He continues to promote broad technology agendas helping businesses profit from leading-edge initiatives and innovations. He is an experienced value creator focused on managing budgets and technology processes to eliminate or reduce costs

His mantra is capitalizing on opportunities, technology and innovation to directly influence the business agenda of corporations and clientele
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