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Managed Services Provider & Professional Services firm specializing in Technology Strategy consulting, Talent Acquisition & Staffing
It's not the technology that matters, it's how you use it - so why not hire the right talent?
We are different together. With diversity at our core, we leverage our distinctions to build a community to serve a common goal. You.    

What can we help you achieve

Hire from a highly curated network of professional Engineers, Architects, Developers & Consultants

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Explore a wealth of opportunities and take your career to the next level. Find out where you fit in

Want to love what you do? Find out how with H4Strategy.
Collaborate with diverse minds, cultures and perspectives to become inspired and empowered to work on things that you're passionate about.

Young People - Meeting With Computers

Change seems to be the only constant. Transformation is no longer an option. It is vital.

In today's marketplace, being the best or largest player no longer ensures success. Organizations now need a progressive transformation strategy to be able to compete.

We challenge established thinking to drive transformation.

With a decade of operating expertise, an exceptional track record of exceeding expectations and an unrelenting focus on client satisfaction, you can trust our commitment to deliver in this competitive landscape.

how it works

- How It Works -

1- We Listen

We connect with our clients, understand their needs and partner to craft a strategic relationship

- How It Works -

2- We go to Work

After rigorous screening and assessments, we provide a list of candidates that fit your team's needs, values and principles

- How It Works -

3- You Hire

You decide on and hire your top contenders

- How It Works -

4- You gain peace of mind

Swift onboarding helps you secure high performing, self motivated and driven talent with competencies matching your full time employees, and enables you to manage from a distance

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